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Por favor elige la opción que corresponda a cada pregunta.

El test de inglés no debe durar más de 10 minutos pero no tiene límite de tiempo.

Al final recibirás un correo con tu resultado.

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1. __________ Martin could easily afford to go on holiday, he never does.
2. All the nurses were very kind ___________ me when I was ill.
3. Here are your shoes. Put __________
4. My father normally reads the paper while eating __________.
5. Until last week, he __________ a motorbike before.

A police officer is a man ____ works arresting criminals

7. He would have saved a lot of money, if he __________ to my advice.
8. He speaks very ______
9. The Lord of the Rings __________ by J.R.R. Tolkien.
10. I never work ____ weekends.
11. I wish I ____________ a good memory – it would make learning English much easier.
12. Have you _____ an UFO?
13. How _____ do you do exercise?

He’s been married _____ last june.

15. What’s _____ name?
16. The day before the holiday, the men worked __________ than usual.
17. The first thing they did when they met after twenty years was to hug __________.
18. I always avoid __________ on the bus because it makes me feel ill.

When he arrived, she _______ with a friend.

20. I asked Ruth where ___________ her coat.