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40 Excellent E-Words To Enlarge Your Vocabulary

The history of the letter E can be traced all the way back to an Egyptian hieroglyphic that probably depicted a praying or celebrating man, with the open horizontal lines of an “E” being the modern-day descendants of his arms or legs. Over time, this original pictogram simplified massively: the Phoenicians adopted it and made it into nothing more than a slanted, back-to-front, slightly elongated E-shape, which they used to represent their letter he. This in turn was rotated, truncated, and straightened up to form the Greek letter epsilon, E, and it’s from there (via Latin) that E as we know it ended up in English.00:0801:12

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How Wikipedia Works – Know how

¿Sábes cómo funciona Wikipedia? ¿Sabías que virtualmente cualquier persona puede editarla, hacer referencias y mejorarla? Conoce toda la información de cómo funciona la wikipedia y practica

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